Palmwine trotro route at Labadi Accra

Overlooking the La Palmwine Ghana trotro route in Accra

The La Palm wine 37 Ghana trotro route lies across the eastern section of the city. In this picture, the route traverses the La Palm Beach Resort and makes headway towards the 37 Military hospital where one can find a large trotro station that plies the west and eastern sections of the city.

This shot shows the intersection for the road leading from Labone, towards Water Works and making a turn to either 37 or Palm Wine. In the background is a Billboard announcing the candidatureship of the President of Ghana, in the December 7, 2016 elections that will be held in Ghana. Partially eclipsed to the right is a suite of shops.

The La Ghana trotro route is the neatest in Accra. Its about 8.5 kilometers in length, well lit and well drained. It’s densely populated along the ends but sparse within the main stretch.

Trotro buses approaching Palm Wine will pick passengers from the Survey school, Elwak, East Cantonments, Palm Wine, Kpogas , Trade Fair and lastly T Junction, and ferry them to either Accra or Tema.