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The governance of Accra city in Ghana

Early days

Chiefs used to be the rulers of Accra. They were responsible for adjudicature, policing, taxation, security and other state matters. This kind of administration was solely vested in the royal family though non royals were also in the employ of the state. The total land mass then was a few kilometers square and the demographics were quite uniform.

Some chiefs were stationed at Ngleshie Alata, the indigenous name for Jamestown. Another key jurisdiction was the Osu Alata House which ruled from Osu.

Colonial rule

By 1642, the city of Accra was formally administered by the Portuguese. In 1871, the British took over administration under the Gold Coast colony.  In 1957, the country attained independence.  In 1898, the Accra Town Council was formed to oversee the affairs of the City. This name was changed to Accra City Council in 1961.  In 1993, the constitution of Ghana transformed this set up into the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, headed by a Mayor.

Modem city administration

In its early days, Accra was demarcated into sub metros but this format was revised to full 11 municipalities.