Agege trotro bus stop Accra

Trotro stops and stations in Accra with exotic names

​Its quite amazing how names of foreign countries and cities became associated with locations in the city of Accra. Today, Accra Trotro looks at some trotro transit points with exotic  designations.


Agege is a suburb in downtown Lagos, Nigeria. Agege bus stop in Accra lies between Dansoman and Sempe.


Russia is an European country. Russia. Russia trotro station can be found near Dansoman in Accra.


Hong Kong is a special administrative region of china in Asia. Hong Kong is also a bus transit point near Darkuman.


Tabora is a city in Tanzania, East Africa and a popular bus stop in Accra north.


Isreal is a country in the middle East and a trotro station near Abeka.


Taifa is a city in Portuguese medIeval kingdom on and a major trotro services point in Accra north.


Burkina is a country in west Africa and a trotro stop near Achimota.


Santa Maria is a city in California, USA and a satellite bus stop in Accra.


Alaska is an American state and a trotro stop at Nima.


Lapaz is a city in Bolivia, south America and a major trotro transit point near Achimota.

Possibly, these coincidental names once referred to popular landmarks along trotro transits. With time, the landmarks and the transit points became synonymous.  An example is the Lapaz hotel at Achimota.