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All Accra trotro operators to join transport unions

If a government proposal becomes adopted, all trotro operators will be required to affiliate with a transport union or risk penalty. The new regulation is widely regarded as a form of greater state control over the informal transport sector for taxation purposes. Many trotro drivers do not belong to unions because they cruise along the commuter routes and are not bound to a particular terminal where they feel bogged down by administrative and operational encumbrances.


Trotro drivers may embark on demo between 9th to 13 October 2017

Trotro services in Accra may be disrupted this week if the Concern Drivers Union of Ghana makes good its determination to hold a massive demonstration in protest against high fuel prices. According to the group, the incumbent NPP government promised to reduce a gallon of fuel  to GHS 10 when voted into power but has since January 2017 done nothing about it.

The group maintains that the previous administration pegged fuel at GHS 14 a gallon but the new government has increased progressively to GHS 21 Ghana and has refused to agree to fare increases so transport owners can offset their fuel costs.

Fuel increase without corresponding upward review in fares affect the operations of drivers and makes them run at loss. The previous NDC administration arranged with the Driver Unions to perform biannual increments to cater for upward review in fuel prices but the current administrators have not complied with such an arrangement, likely due to the fear that it may become unpopular.
Government has reacted to the concerns of the Unions by stating that fuel increments are as a result of external factors so it cannot review prices downwards unilaterally; a stand the Drivers view as contradictory to its own promises..

The Concern Drivers’ Union of Ghana is one of several bodies that operate motorcar transport services in Accra so their demo doesn’t mean total shut down of trotro services but there is the possibility that other unions in the fraternity may sympathize with their colleagues and involve in the demo as well. Thats when the shortage of trotro service would have a severe impact.

Accra Trotro Fares Ghana trotro GPRTU News

Trotro fares to go up by 15%

Trotro fares will go up by 15%, effective Thursday 6th April, 2017. The increment is in line with the bi annual fares review. The first review for this year has been overdue due to inability of the government to agree with the transport operators over whether they should increase the fares and by what percentage.

The Unions also believe that fare adjustment is a standing protocol that requires no further negotiation and that there have been increases in fuel  from the beginning of the year; which go to increase their cost of operation.

We shall obtain the new trotro fares and update our website.

Accra Trotro Fares GPRTU News

Notice about Accra trotro fares – March 2017

Some drivers may have increased trotro fares in the city of Accra. They complain that the first bi-annual fare increment is long overdue whilst fuel prices keep increasing. They therefore make losses if they continue to charge old fares.

Fixing of trotro bus fares is a voluntary collaboration between government and the transport Unions. Its widely speculated that the new government doesnt want to agree to or announce an increment because it protested fare increment when it was in opposition. Analysts believe the party fears criticism and voter disappointment if it performs the adjustment which has been routine over the years.

Some trotro drivers who cant bear the loss have began charging rates they reason are appropriate. So you may pay a new fare the next time you board a trotro. Once an official comes through, we will revise the prices on our website.

Accra Trotro Routes News

Nungua Labadi Trotro Route, Beach Road, Accra, Ghana

In this photo, vehicles travel along the Nungua Labadi trotro route along the Beach road, in Accra, Ghana. This intersection is at the north entrance of the Royal La Palm Beach Hotel at Labadi. Trotro buses approaching from Tema, Nungua and Teshie [left], will go on straight to Osu, Accra, Circle or Kaneshie or turn right to Palm Wine and 37. The shed in the left bottom houses solar equipment that powers the street lights and the traffic lamps.

Accra Trotro Routes News

Early morning ghana trotro bus

Its very early in the day and this trotro bus will need to wait for some time before it fills up with passengers. Trotro buses do not have fixed times for departure. They move off on the discretion of the driver or when its full. In this photo taken on the Ring Road Central, the trotro stops at a the Paloma trotro bus station.

Accra Trotro Routes News

Labadi Palmwine road

The Labadi Palmwine trotro route adjoins the Wireless street and onwards to Labone. Its a short cut to the Ring Road Central and often chosen by trotro drivers who need to reach Osu, cantonments or Danquah circle quickly.

Accra Trotro Stations News Pictures of Trotro buses

Trotro bus parks near GCB tower, Accra, Ghana

Trotro buses park in front of the GCB Tower at Nkrumah Circle, Accra, Ghana due to ongoing works at the new Interchange which has affected the original Kaneshie trotro terminal.

The project is due t complete in  December 2016. The trotro buses would park along the Ridge taxi station and move in turns to occupy the makeshift terminal under the Bridge.

The new trotro terminal will accommodate more buses, provide several amenities and solve the perennial flooding that makes the station inaccessible during the rainy season.

Accra Trotro Routes News

Zongo Junction trotro route, Accra, Ghana

The Kaneshie Dansoman troutro route passes through Zongo Junction.  At this point, the bus can male a l;ef turn to Circle, straight on to Latebiorkorshie or move on to Dansoman trough Russia. Its a busy intersection with lots of shops and food services.

In this photo, the camera is facing the Dansoman road from happy days, Abossey Okai,

Accra Trotro Routes News

Circle kaneshie trotro route over the Nkrumah circle

The new flyover at Nkrumah circle provides a quick trotro route to Kaneshie and Mallam. From Kanda or Osu, the bus goes over the interchange and descends at New Times corporation. This route helps the bus save about 30 minutes of delay incurred when meandering the maze of other trotro buses at the former circle grounds.