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Accra trotro does not ply all routes in Accra. They mostly service markets, schools, government offices, densely populated areas and leisure centers. The operational plan is to maximize passenger capacity on the least turnaround. For this reason, the operators would want to commute low income or middle income residential densely populated areas like Dome or drive through commercial areas such as Agbobloshie market. A suburb like Ridge will not be a good choice for trotro services because its an ambassadorial enclave, has high income earners and has no market in proximity.

We have taken out routes and directions to the homes of personalities. Please see if you can manage these locations on your own.

Observe how conductors call names of locations. For example Fire Service Offices is shortened as “Fire”, Police Headquarters is “Quarters”, Railways is pronounced “rainways” or “rayways” an Spintex is mentioned as “Speentes”.

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