Accra trotro routes and destination guide. 

Accra trotro does not ply all routes in Accra. They mostly service markets, schools, government offices, densely populated areas and leisure centers. The reason is simple - a more patronized location assures passengers all the time. For example, Ridge is sparsely populated so it is not plied by trotros.

Accra trotros that commute sensitive and security installations routes have not been included in the directory. So you will not find routes for military barracks, investigative agencies, embassies and offices of political organizations. Also we have taken out routes and directions to the homes of personalities. Please manage these locations on your own.

Observe how conductors call names of locations. For example Fire Service Offices is Fire and Police Headquarters is Quarters, Railways is pronounced rainways or rayways, Spintex is mentioned Speentes.

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