Monument in Accra Ghana

The founding and history of Accra Ghana

The history and founding

Accra Ghana is the capital of the Republic. This city originally comprised of the southern coastal suburbs of Bukom, Palladium, Swalaba, Akoto Lante, Jamestown, Korle Gonnor and Chorkor. History narrates that the original inhabitants of Accra migrated from Nigeria, Shai and Gao. Their basic occupation then was fishing and on a limited scale, farming.

Before Accra, the capital of the Colonial administration was Cape Coast, 140 kilometers west. The present day capital was effected in 1887. There are two accounts on why the capital was transferred. One version says protests erupted over the basis of taxation and another says it was due to administrative convenience. The settlement remained a town until 1961 when it was designated as a city by the first president.