Accra sports stadium in Ghana

Tragedies that have befallen the city of Accra

Typical in Ghana, tragedies hardly occur in the city of Accra.  Natural disasters like cyclones, hurricanes or earthquakes are unknown here. Mishaps that occur here mainly result from man made errors.

The May 9 2011 disasters at the Accra sports stadium was occasioned by rowdy supporters after disputation of a goal. The incensed crowd hauled objects onto the field in protest. The Police responded with tear gas but because the gates were locked, the fleeing spectators didn’t have an exit to escape so a stampede occurred. 126 people died. It was the worst stadium tragedy in Africa.

The Circle twin disaster

On June 3rd, 2015, a heavy downpour which lasted close to 5 hours flooded the Kwame Mkrumah Circle.  Whilst the floods ravaged lives and property including wrecking vehicles , the GOIL filling station erupted into flames after a tanker exploded.  The resulting explosion leaked gasoline within the periphery of the station. The leakage resulted in flames which eventually killed 150 people. The Circle disaster is deemed the worst tragedy to befall the state of Ghana.

The Labadi gas explosion

Labadi is a community in South Accra.  It had a gas refill station near the Zenith College at Tse Addo.  In December 2016, whilst customers were awaiting service, the gas reservoir tank exploded, killing 5 people instantly and injuring 42 others.