Tech profile of Accra on Ghana

The technology profile of Accra, capital of Ghana

Accra stands as the most technological city in Ghana, partly due to its cosmopolitan status. Scientific novelty is typically heralded in the city before its introduced elsewhere.

Accra features all of modern tech facilities and services. The capital has satellite television,   pay to view tv, 4G telephony, internet access?app based taxi services and mobile money services.

The city also has a  digital center, the only one in Ghana where technology based companies are located. Through the National Information Technplogy Authority, several information technology interventions such as the payments and settlement systems for banks, the state banking card called eswich and

eservices like online passport and birth certification acquisition.  The National Communication Authority provides oversight of the tech space in terms of licensing and regulation.

As a developing city, Accra has experimented successfully with inter bank digital transfers and looks forward to a digital version of the cedi currency.