ghana trotro emission levy

GPRTU to increase ghana trotro fares over emission tax legislation

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union – GPRTU – one of the main transportation associations in Ghana has announced that it would increase its trotro fares by ay least 60% if the government goes ahead with the implementation of the emissions levy. The association is of the viewpoint that the new taxes further burdens the…

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Video of trotro bus traveling Nkrumah Avenue in Accra

A video showing the streets and side scenes as a trotro bus travels from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Kingsway in accra. This transit goes the entire length of the Adabraka township, beginning from Odawna and ending at Tudu area. Its a largely commercial line with offices and shops.

Who is a trotro driver

A trotro driver is one who drives a trotro bus, a form of cheap commuter service in Ghana. The individual may be the owner or an employee. Several of them are professional drivers whilst a few pursue the occupation on part time basis. The occasional operator is referred to as a “spare driver” on local…

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Trotro meaning in Ghana

Trotro meaning derives from a disused currency which was one time in circulation in Ghana. This unit of currency called “tro” was of a low value comparable in significance to a few cents in the USA. During the era of the tro, private commercial passenger transport also emerged in Ghana. The buses that formed the…

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Sakaman to Chorkor trotro route

The Sakaman Chorkor trotro route in Accra, Ghana passes through a maze of lesser known neighborhoods in Accra. It is a south west trotro route that originates from Chaba then moves south towards Control Market, winds through Exhibition, and half-circles Keep Fit roundabout, continues to Agege Last Stop near Shiabu, moves on to Kakari Brobbey…

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