ghana trotro emission levy

GPRTU to increase ghana trotro fares over emission tax legislation

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union – GPRTU – one of the main transportation associations in Ghana has announced that it would increase its trotro fares by ay least 60% if the government goes ahead with the implementation of the emissions levy. The association is of the viewpoint that the new taxes further burdens the operations of commercial vehicles and dissipates their lean profits.

The emissions levy emanates from the Act of Parliament Act 1112, 2023 which was passed on 1 February 2024. It is a tax levied on combustion emissions and is supposedly meant to encourage clean energy. The levy paid is based on vehicle and engine capacity, ranging from GH₵75 to GH₵300 per annum.

Ghana has 3.2 million vehicles, out of which 17,000 are vehicle.