Circle Kokomlemle trotro route

New Town to Accra trotro route

The New Town to Accra trotro route passes through Kokomlemle in the north and Adabraka in the south. The route originates from last stop near the 37 station on the Pig Farm road.  It makes its first stop at Total, then GCB Bank, continues to College junction, makes another stop at Malata market, moves on…

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Limited availability of Accra trotro after covid19 confinement

Most Accra trotro buses are not operational though government has eased confinement measures. Several drivers have stayed off the streets in protest against mandatory reduction of passengers without corresponding compensation from the government. For trotro drivers willing to work, slow return to normalcy is a disincentive because few people are boarding.

Accra trotro buses defy reduced capacity regulation

Today,Accra trotro buses defied an anti covid19 regulation to reduce passenger capacity. The Operators argue that such a measure will lead to loss of revenue. Their opinion is, the announcement should have been accompanied by reduction of fuel prices; a principal cost factor in transport operations.

Accra trotro buses to reduce passenger capacity

From tomorrow Thursday,March 26, 2020, Accra trotro buses will reduce passenger capacity per seat by one. By this regulation, Trotro buses, such as Nissan Urban minibuses, that previously carried  three persons on a row will now only pick two. This adjustment is meant to help mitigate the spread of covid19.