Trotro bus at High Street Accra

Trotro drivers in Accra oppose new digital license

Trotro drivers in Accra oppose the newly announced digital drivers license which is set to go operational on 7th November.  The card is supposed to integrate with a new national ID system and provide seamless identification for drivers and vehicle ownership documentation.

The trotro drivers say they dislike the new system for several reasons. One, its very expensive and they have to repay for a license as the old one invalidates at the inception of the digital card.  Two, they claim the new card is one of the routine ways government inconveniences drivers with novelty just to make money from them and later claim that the very system they claim to be advanced would be replaced soon on grounds of  obsolesce. Three, a driver who is licensed to drive an automatic vehicle cannot switch to manual transmission when the Ghana Motorcar Code does not have any such prohibition.

If the drivers become aggrieved, and reluctantly withdraw their services in protest.  movement would be severely impacted because trotros provide 70% of city transport services.