Cost living accra ghana

How much does it cost to live in Accra?

Accra is more expensive to live in more than any other city in Ghana.  Prices of goods and services are twice to thrice those of outer cities.

Accommodation is the most expensive factor for people dwelling in this capital.  In 2023, a two bedroom apartment costs 2000 cedis or 240 Dollars a month payable for 24 months.  With average salaries around 1500 or 130 Dollars a month, this charge is very prohibitive for middle income earners.  Food is not cheap either.  Breakfast costs 2 Dollars, lunch 2.5 and supper 2 Dollars. Transportation by converted mini bus is the cheapest way to go about the city. A journey from the city center to the outskirts cost 90 cents.

Monthly salaries are as follows: skilled laborer 120 $, technician 150$, software practitioner 200$, manager 300$ to 500$.

The least amount required to live comfortably for a month is 400$.

Accra is expensive to live in because it is the one every one targets to migrate in Ghana due to its economic opportunities like availability of jobs and higher salaries.