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Trotro drivers in Accra oppose new digital license

Trotro drivers in Accra oppose the newly announced digital drivers license which is set to go operational on 7th November.  The card is supposed to integrate with a new national ID system and provide seamless identification for drivers and vehicle ownership documentation.

The trotro drivers say they dislike the new system for several reasons. One, its very expensive and they have to repay for a license as the old one invalidates at the inception of the digital card.  Two, they claim the new card is one of the routine ways government inconveniences drivers with novelty just to make money from them and later claim that the very system they claim to be advanced would be replaced soon on grounds of  ineffectiveness. Three, a driver who is licensed to drive an automatic vehicle cannot switch to manual transmission when the Ghana Motorcar Code does not have any such prohibition.

If the drivers become aggrieved, and reluctantly withdraw their services in protest.  movement would be severely impacted because trotros provide 70% of city transport services.



Trotro drivers may embark on demo between 9th to 13 October 2017

Trotro services in Accra may be disrupted this week if the Concern Drivers Union of Ghana makes good its determination to hold a massive demonstration in protest against high fuel prices. According to the group, the incumbent NPP government promised to reduce a gallon of fuel  to GHS 10 when voted into power but has since January 2017 done nothing about it.

The group maintains that the previous administration pegged fuel at GHS 14 a gallon but the new government has increased progressively to GHS 21 Ghana and has refused to agree to fare increases so transport owners can offset their fuel costs.

Fuel increase without corresponding upward review in fares affect the operations of drivers and makes them run at loss. The previous NDC administration arranged with the Driver Unions to perform biannual increments to cater for upward review in fuel prices but the current administrators have not complied with such an arrangement, likely due to the fear that it may become unpopular.
Government has reacted to the concerns of the Unions by stating that fuel increments are as a result of external factors so it cannot review prices downwards unilaterally; a stand the Drivers view as contradictory to its own promises..

The Concern Drivers’ Union of Ghana is one of several bodies that operate motorcar transport services in Accra so their demo doesn’t mean total shut down of trotro services but there is the possibility that other unions in the fraternity may sympathize with their colleagues and involve in the demo as well. Thats when the shortage of trotro service would have a severe impact.

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Accra trotro route Ring Road east

The UDS Guest House is seen in this photo of the Sankara overhead bridge at Kanda. The road descends to the Police Headquarters bus stop and onwards to Danquah Circle.  The flank roads provide opportunities to the trotro bus drivers to mop passengers from the residential blocks and passages along the road.

Accra Trotro Routes Ghana trotro News

Overlooking the La Palmwine Ghana trotro route in Accra

The La Palm wine 37 Ghana trotro route lies across the eastern section of the city. In this picture, the route traverses the La Palm Beach Resort and makes headway towards the 37 Military hospital where one can find a large trotro station that plies the west and eastern sections of the city.

This shot shows the intersection for the road leading from Labone, towards Water Works and making a turn to either 37 or Palm Wine. In the background is a Billboard announcing the candidatureship of the President of Ghana, in the December 7, 2016 elections that will be held in Ghana. Partially eclipsed to the right is a suite of shops.

The La Ghana trotro route is the neatest in Accra. Its about 8.5 kilometers in length, well lit and well drained. It’s densely populated along the ends but sparse within the main stretch.

Trotro buses approaching Palm Wine will pick passengers from the Survey school, Elwak, East Cantonments, Palm Wine, Kpogas , Trade Fair and lastly T Junction, and ferry them to either Accra or Tema.

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Ghana trotro bus passes the GCB Tower

This Ghana trotro bus has just descended the north section of the new Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange and is heading towards Accra, UTC or Post Office. It may have arrived from Achimota, Lapaz, Kwashieman or Alajo, all destinations points in teh north.

The construction of the Interchange eases traffic extensively. Previously, this bus wold have taken about 12 minutes to just circle the roundabout in teh midst of heavy traffic.

At Circle the trotro bus will make two stops – at PTC and Ernest Bruce – before it speeds into the Central Business District.