High street trotro bus station relocated

Increase in trotro fares 2018

Some trotro unions across the city have increased their  transport fares by 10%.  The fare increase is in response to  higher cost of operating transport services. In Ghana, determination of trotro fares are typically held with Government but over the past year, the unions have not been able to get the new administration to accept fare increases notwithstanding their justification that operational costs have gone high.

The trotro operators mention that taxation on fuel keeps going up and that drives fuel prices to increment as well. They also speak about cost of high cost replacement parts.

Per mutual understanding between government and the trotro owners, fare increments will be announced twice a year and that agreement had been honored by the previous administration. But its speculated that the new government would not want to incur the  displeasure of commuters with such an announcement and had therefore sought to defer such increases.

Transport fares are sensitive in the city because 70% of commuters rely on trotro buses for carriage.

We shall update our trotro fare schedules in due course.