Tse Addo Trade fair trotro bus stop

How Accra trotro fares are determined by operstors

Accra trotro fares are determined by the transport unions and the ministry of transport, on behalf of the government of Ghana. Up to 2016, there was a biannual increment to help operators offset costs but the succeeding government has disregarded this protocol and opted for negotiations with the unions.

In both standing and negotiated increments, some factors determine how much Accra trotro fares should cost.

The foremost determinant is fuel pricing. Most of the buses run on gasoline so once the experiences any increase, fares need to be adjusted accordingly. Cost of auto parts and accessories also dictate how much owners would want to charge. Also, cost of insurance is a determinant in fare prices. Lastly, cost of licenses, fees and tolls associated with vehicles are cost drivers.

Accra trotro fares may become arbitrary when government delays or refuses to endorse fare increases. In this situation, uniformity foe not exist as each Union charges what it deems adequate to compensate for operational costs.