Benz trotro bus on Odorkor road

Varying increment of trotro fares

Though its now fully established that trotro fares have increased since June 1, 2018, commuters are yet to find out about the real rate of increment.  A survey of fares across the city and the Metropolis indicate that some trotro operators are charging between 12 to 15 percent increments.

The disparity arises partly due to the fact that there are various transport unions in Ghana and each one may have determined their own rate. The Ghana Private Road Transport Union, which is better known, has announced a trotro fare increase of 10% but another agency, the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council, GRTCC, has counter announced a fare increase of of 15%.

It appears that drivers belonging to the GPRTU are charging GRTCC fares because the margins are greater.

Its expected that the Unions will provide a joint statement whether each Union will charge their own rate or adopt a common fare increment.