Accra trotro bus parks near Obra spot.

Accra trotro fares increase by 15 percent

Accra trotro fares increase. After much deliberation involving road transport stakeholders, fares for trotro buses will now increment by 15%. The new prices take effect immediately. According to the transport unions, the upward review was long overdue, citing many changes that had occurred over the past year. They mentioned upward review of prices for auto spare parts and maintenance of vehicles as the reasons why the fares should have been increased long ago.

Officially, the new trotro fares should affect today but typically, enforcement of the new fares take effect the day after announcement so commuters can prepare to pay higher after they leave home next day. Nevertheless, some inconsiderate Accra trotro drivers will mark up prices as soon as the new fares are declared. Even in these circumstances, passengers who complain they do not know about the increment will pay old prices.

The increase in Accra trotro fares has been largely triggered by the January 4, 2016 increase in fuel prices by Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana but the increment has been tarried because Usually, government, acting through the agency of the Ministry of Transportation, will negotiate with private transport owners to be very considerate in pricing because a large number of commuters in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, rely on trotro. Even if the fuel increase had not come about, the Unions, by standard practice, would have adjusted trotro faces as an annual procedure. will begin publishing the full schedule of the new Accra fares this week. When published, the new fares will appear on the ROUTES and FARES section of the website and be also available via site or Google search.

Update – It has just been announced that fuel prices have gone down by up to 9%. This decrease will not however affect the trotro bus fare increment.