37 Palm wine to Labadi Trade Fair trotro route partially blocked

Commuters traveling the 37  Palm wine Labadi Trade Fair trotro route may experience a temporary hold up due to a zero-casualty accident on the road, near the Trade fair central gate traffic light. An articulated truck has veered off the right lane into the left one, thus blocking two lanes on the three lane highway. Passengers  traveling the south trotro route towards La Palm Beach hotel in the inner and left lanes will be the most inconvenienced.

According to witnesses, the driver of the truck swerved to avoid hitting an apparently errant driver who either made a wrong U turn or miscalculated the speed of the approaching truck, causing his car to stall in front of the speeding truck.  To avoid mashing the car and its occupants to pulp, the driver crashed the truck into a street lamp but that was not enough to stop the heavy , long vehicle. He then mounted the median and stopped in the middle of the opposite road.

By his maneuver, he avoided ramming into a popular spot that had about 100 people having lunch at the left and tens of staff  on break at the right.

Pictures from the scene here.

Truck rear blocks La Palm trotro route at Labadi
Street lamp damaged by truck at labadi