Iveco trotro bus at Osu

Green Iveco trotro bus at Osu

This super roof green Iveco trotro bus has stopped at Osu for passengers to alight. Drivers are exceptionally patient because the vehicles have high clearance and may lack an ergonomic side step so the elderly and kids may have to be aided to board or alight. Convenience is considered a luxury in Ghana, not a requirement or mandatory. People are used to improvisation, make shift methodologies and adjustments.

Passengers see the trotro bus service as a favor so their demands are moderated and measured. A little discomfort is permissible till it hurts or endangers. Its a symbiotic relationship with the driver because a passenger may also say they dont have the full fare and the driver is bound by culture and humanity to consider the partial fare.

This mutual understanding among Ghanaians leads observers to wrongly assume that the people of Ghana are not assertive or hyper tolerant. Everyone seems to understand social dynamics. Each party, the beneficiary and the benefactor, knows that at a point in the future, the roles may change. So they will not be so insistent on their rights if its manageable.