37 to Kawkudi trotro route

Accra trotro routes – how trotro operators run the roads

Accra trotro routes are mapped out by operators strategically. There are several ways drivers and unions run the routes. 1. Union approved routes For Accra trotro routes originated by the unions, roads or streets that traverse points with dense population – static or transient – are chosen as originating and destination points. The union is…

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Accra trotro videos

Videos of Accra trotro buses, routes, stops and stations. A candid view of how trotro operations go on in Accra.

Kaneshie to Accra trotro station

The trotro buses that go to inner city destinations like Accra, Tudu, Okaishie are parked under the eastern overhead bridge at Kaneshie. They first stop at Obestebi Circle before picking either of two routes. The Abossey Okai route stops at Central mosque, Ayigbe Town, Estate, Korle Bu junction, Agbado, UTC, Akoto Lante, Post Office, then…

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Circle interchange during construction

A view of the Circle interchange from the Kaneshie trotro station. This photo was taken in 2016 when the bridge was under construction. The steel guilders were offloaded by a low loader and then hoisted by a crane upwards,then welding crews adjoined beams till they form a seamless road.