Trotro bus stop at Pramprom along the Kaneshie road

Kaneshie to Accra trotro station

The trotro buses that go to inner city destinations like Accra, Tudu, Okaishie are parked under the eastern overhead bridge at Kaneshie. They first stop at Obestebi Circle before picking either of two routes.

The Abossey Okai route stops at Central mosque, Ayigbe Town, Estate, Korle Bu junction, Agbado, UTC, Akoto Lante, Post Office, then reenters the circuit through Accra Central to Kaneshie.

If the operator chooses the Graphic Road route from Obetsebi, then it goes through Beyeeman Coldstore, Graphic,  Kingsway, then to Railways.

Trotro buses that go through this alternate route have a different return trip. On the way back to Kaneshie, they pass through UTC, Tudu, Zenith Bank, then at Star Light, they turn west to Graphic, stop at Toyota House, Francopat cold store, then to Pamprom.