New Achimota trotro station

Accra trotro buses off the streets till end of covid 19 mitigation measures

Most trotro buses are off the streets of Accra because the operators say they will incur losses if they reduce passenger capacity as directed by government.

Government has asked all trotro buses to create more space between passengers in the trotro buses to minimize the spread of the covid 19 virus.

But this directive has been met with defiance because low number of passengers reduces their earnings without corresponding compensation from government. Still more, its seen as an act of bad faith on the part of the state which has not hitherto reduced the price of fuel or taxes on automobile spare imports.

Previously, the trotro drivers had accused the authorities of dishonoring a long time convention of bi annual increment of trotro fares. So they deem the current request as an aggravation of a bad situation.

Most trotro bus stations remain closed.

Passengers mainly commute by taxis and Aayalolo city luxury buses.