Trotro toute Kawkudi to Kanda

A stretch of the road along the Kaw Kudi Kanda trotro route. This photo shows the Gold House intersection. The route serves trotro buses plying Ministries, Lapaz, Dzorwulu, New Town, 37 and Accra.

Trotro bus stop on the Palm Wine 37 road

This Accra trotro bus stop locates on the 37 Palm Wine route. The stops along the way are Trade Fair, Kpogas, Palm Wine, Villas, Congo Junction and Shell. The route route serves commuters to Labadi, lapaz, 37, Madina and Kanda.

Trotro station at Accra Zongo junction

This trotro station at the Abossey Okai junction Zongo junction is perhaps the smallest and busiest trotro bus terminal in Accra.  Its located in a 12 feet space, just a few meters from the Latebiorkorshie local government offices, heading towards Kaneshie. The buses have a quick turnaround because the closest terminal is 2 kilometers away.