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Circle trotro station bypass road closed to the public

The Accra Circle trotro station by pass road has been closed temporarily to allow work by the Interchange Contractors, Queiroz Galvao. This newly asphalted road runs along the north of the Nkrumah Circle in…

The Accra circle trotro station is reopened to the general travelling public

The Accra Circle trotro station which was evacuated during the early hours of  11th December 2015 has been reopened. The City authorities allowed the trotro drivers back because the event for which the place…

Circle Fraga Oil trotro station route is reopened along the Ring Road

The Accra trotro station in front of Fraga oil has been reopened. It was closed temporary to allow Galvão Queiroz, the contractors working on the Nkrumah Circle ultra modern cloverleaf interchange, to lay…

HowAccra trotro drivers are adjusting to the circle trotro station diversion

A video showing Accra trotro drivers managing the diversion at the Fraga  trotro station at the Nkrumah circle. The diversion required that passengers alight under the over head bridge and cross to the…

Find out about the detour occurring at the Circle overhead trotro station

Due to ongoing construction work at Nkrumah Circle, the trotro station in front of the Fraga filling station under the old Overhead bridge at circle has been closed. Passengers will now alight in…
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Trotro transit services in Accra provide alternative affordable transport for about 70% of commuters. The buses operate along populated routes and waypoints. The buses can be seen all over the city and its peripheral settlements. Please see other pages in the navigation for lists of transit lines, and bus operations.