Railway crossing on the Circle Kaneshie trotro route

Kaneshie Nkrumah Circle Trotro Route Diverted at Railway Crossing

The Ghana trotro route from Kaneshie to Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra has been diverted at the railway Crossing. Passengers arriving from Mallam, Odorkor, Kasoa, Gbawe or Kwashieman will now either alight at Times or railway station near Circle. The diversion is to allow the contractors to asphalt the south lanes of the Interchange.

Trotro Commuters will experience a slight delay in arriving at or departing from at Circle now because the drivers will choose one of these options to manage the trip.

Drive from Obetsebi Circle through Graphic road to Accra brewery and then turn towards Toyota House. At the newly constructed railway crossing over the Graphic Road, they will make a right turn, cross the bridge over the Odaw River at Ecomog and drive onwards towards the railway station where passengers will alight.

Passengers may also be ferried to Times and then continue the rest of the trip by walking east.

Passengers leaving Circle to Kaneshie will either cross to the former fan milk depot and board a bus or will be driven in front of the Railway station at Circle, in front of the Ghana Lebanon Islamic School and then to Graphic road.