Main duties include collecting fares from passengers, loading cargo and luggage, washing bus [mostly dry cleaning],  errands for driver, opening and closing gates for passengers, scouting for passengers, performing assignments for vehicle owner and wife, often referred to as Madam.

May be an apprentice who receives token and graduates after a period or full time driver’s assistant with obligatory allowances and pay.

Mostly school drops out with low education.

Usually street boys making a living from the road.

Not professional, may be innocently applying wrong language.

May be rude, discourteous or impolite. Be prepared to shout back or reprimand them.

Understands and speaks   mercantile or transactional English.

Young, between 17 and 28 years.

Casually dressed but very clean and well-groomed.

May refuse worn our or dirty notes. Insist its legal tender so they should accept it.

Honest with change. If you overpay, they will refund.

Particularly sympathetic towards passengers who are unable to pay full fare.  Whisper that, you have financial difficulty, or thats all you have or something caused the shortage.  Its cultural to consider the needy and distressed  in Ghana.

Easily depressed by reference to their low education or poor background.

Very knowledgeable about electronic gadgets such as phones and tablets.

Conductor Slang