LAST ONE - One more passenger needed for the bus to depart
ONE MAN, ONE SEAT - A seat with a single/personal back or head rest.
NO FRONT - No passenger should occupy the front seat. Maybe reserved for Union Executive or friend.
ONE FRONT - Only one passenger can occupy the front seat. Other space reserved.
BUY A SEAT - Pay for seat occupied by cargo, luggage or baggage
DOWN - Instruction for passengers to alight at a destination.
AWAY - Instruction for driver to move
BALANCE - Change
CONDEMN SEAT - Fold seat to make way for cargo
DRY - Small pocket money for conductor
MY MASTER SCORED - Big pocket money for conductor
NEXT DESTINATION IN? - Any one alighting down at next stop?
BOY - Substitute conductor.
TRIP - A return journey on a route
MADAM - The Driver's wife
CUT A SHINE - Groom a bus to please the master
PUT STEERING WHEEL IN MY HAND - To go on driving lessons
TO CUT A CRAB - Change route in anticipation of picking up more passengers but end up with no one or few boarding.