Wifi Aayalolo bus service serves the city centers


The Aayalolo buses are SCANIA vehicles imported from Sweden. The seats are larger, more comfortable and spaced out than those of trotro buses. Each Aayalolo bus carries up to 20 passengers which is about a third of what regular buses take.

Aayalolo means express in local language. They are painted in the national colors.

The Aayalolo buses are fitted with WIFI, GPS, Cameras, USB  charging points, TV sets and AC.

They operate from 5am to 12pm.

Unlike trotro buses, the Aayalolo fleet runs on schedule. The buses do not wait to fill up before they depart. Also, they have special speed lanes and do not delay in traffic. The average trip lasts for about 15 minutes unlike trotro buses that can take you an hour to arrive at your destination.


The Aayalolo buses operate on 4 main routes:

Adenta [Accra North East] through Legon to Accra.
Tema [Accra East]  through Nungua to Accra.
Kasoa [Accra West]  through Mallam to Accra.
Sakumono to Accra


The Aayalolo buses have several canopy stops along the route. The stops are constructed from reinforced fiber and glass.


Tickets are available as smart cards. They can be purchased from the booths beside the stops and recharged with mobile money or vouchers.


The Aayalolo buses are operated by the Government of Ghana and the Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE) which is an amalgamation of transport unions.

The constituent members operates who ply specific routes are

Amalgamated Bus Transit Services Limited [ PROTOA and GRTCC]
Accra GPRTU Rapid Bus Transit Company Limited [ GPRTU]
Ghana Cooperative Bus Rapid Transit Association [COOP and GRTCC]


Aayalolo buses charges fares  according to your zone. The charges are debited to your smart card as you travel through the zones as follows::

Travel within same zone   – GHS 1.15
Travel within two zones    – GHS 1.80
Travel within three zones – GHS 2.00
Travel within four zones   – GHS 2.20


Aayalolo service is prepaid. Ticket prices range from top ups GHC25 to GHC50  Tickets are plastic cards and do not expire.  They can be bought from dedicated booths at the stops or with Telecom mobile money [ digital currency ]


5 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday.
No service on Sundays.