Accra trotro is boarded by all kinds of people. Civil service employees, private sector staff, students, pupils, traders, almost everyone. Despite the fact that trotro is a cheap means of transport, its patrons are well-behaved, decent and neatly-dressed. You may be surprised to sit next to a banker who keeps referring to stocks on his iPad all the way or a Medical Officer enraged in a chat with her colleagues on phone. A few drivers may neglect their buses generally Accra trotros are well kept, maintained and clean; attracting elite passengers. There are occasional fake walnut leather seats and headsets made by local upholstery tradesmen. These trimming as well as onboard entertainment features like a DVD encourage affluent patrons.

For many people, the Accra trotro becomes the only way to reach a destination. So if even if a rich person experiences a break down in a remote location, the best way to reach the city is by trotro cos taxi or charter service may be very difficult to obtain in those circumstances.

There can be occasional unaccompanied minors who are left in the custody of the Conductor to be handed over to a relative at the destination.