It is easy to estimate how much a fare is. The farthest distance across the city will cost about three times the price of 250 ml bottled water.

Never stand in front or at the back of an Accra trotro bus. They may take off without warning especially if the driver or conductor senses the Motor traffic police.

If you are unsure about the destination of a bus, wind your palm in the direction of the bus, the conductor will notice the gesture and announce the destination.

There are conventions regarding indicating your direction. If you point your fore finger in the direction you are going, it means you want to go to the farthest point of the route. If you point down, it means getting down along the way. Drawing a circular shape in the air means the nearest roundabout, typically Nkrumah Circle.

Approaching trotros dont have destination boards so listen to the conductor announce the destinations and stops. the format is farthest or nearest or most popular  stop first, followed by intermediate stops. So it goes like this Madina – Shiashie – 37 meaning the bus is going to Madina [farthest point] but will stop at Shiashie and 37.