If you do not hear the conductor announce your destination stop, remind him. Announcement is by a bang on the roof, side or door of the bus or by a yell to the driver.

Dont worry being at the last seat. Everyone will pave way for you to get down.

As you alight make sure the conductor can see you else he may signal the driver to move off.

When alighting at unapproved stops, do not delay at the door because the driver may move off abruptly if a traffic police van approaches.

Be mindful about 1st and 2nd stops. First stop means the one that comes first during the inbound trip. If you are outbound, the stop names reverse. So if you are approaching Labadi from Sankara, the Danquah stop across the Police Hospital becomes 1st stop. On the return journey, the same location becomes 2nd stop. Last stop means the final stop with human habitation.

When you alight, vacate the embankment area and step onto the platform or sidewalk.

As you alight, look out for vehicles coming from the opposite way because some motorists disregard one way signs.

Check to see if you have not left anything behind – phone, wallet, and purse. Petty items can slip out of your pocket as you get seated. Look back once more to check. If you have anything in the cargo hold, ask the conductor to retrieve it. If you forget anything, it is difficult to get back because Accra trotros don’t ply one route and luggage is not tagged.

Buses do not have marks or IDs. if you left anything behind, its difficult to retrieve. The only way to get back your lost property is to pursue the bus with another vehicle such as a taxi. Rarely will drivers deposit lost luggage with their Unions. Passengers may keep things they find in buses.