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We created this website so you can conveniently find trotro to all locations across the City of Accra. AccraTroTro.Com is Ghana’s first and most trusted trotro guide that offers a complete collection of all neighborhoods , trotro stops, fares and routes in the capital of Ghana.

This resource features text information, pictures, videos and maps to help both stranger and resident commuter find their way in a trotro. AccraTroTro.Com suits both manual and GPS assisted navigation. As a visual user, you can rely on the descriptions, images and map locations to find trotros in Accra.

For users with GPS-enabled devices, you can extend the use of our directions by saving the various embarkment and destination points .This website is ideal for commuters looking for moderately-priced transport, tourists exploring the city, trekkers with obscure or remote destinations, students on research assignments and travelers looking for a dose of humor and laughter.

Happy viewing, see you on an Accra trotro bus one of these days.