Trotro bus at Labone

Trotro bus at Labone coffee shop in Accra

Passengers alight from a trotro bus at the Labone coffee shop in Accra East. The bus stop is at the junction just before the Ecobank, on the Labone secondary school road, This trotro route serves buses from Palm wine,  Wireless and Apapa travelling to Circle, Osu, Kaneshie, Accra and Odawna.

Trotro bus speeds along the Ring Road East

This Mercedes Sprinter trotro bus is heading towards Sankara Circle where it will either head straight to Labadi or turn left to Madina.  The size of the bus indicates its destination; the smaller it is, the shorter the destination. This picture was taken at Nima junction, close to Asylum Down.

Trotro bus approaches GBC Kanda

This photo is taken from inside a trotro bus thats descending the Sankara overhead and moving towards GBC.  Its heading towards Circle from where it will continue the trip to Kaneshie, Mallam or Kasoa. High rise apartments can be seen behind the billboards. A National Media Commission office  is close to the spot this photo…

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Trotro buses park on the Labadi Road

Trotro buses park on the Labadi Road. Commencing service as early as 4am, the drivers of the busses and their conductors are fairly exhausted by noon. They therefore look for shady spots and take a break. The best times are around noon when commuter traffic is parse.