Accra Trotro Routes

New Town to Accra trotro route

The New Town to Accra trotro route passes through Kokomlemle in the north and Adabraka in the south.

The route originates from last stop near the 37 station on the Pig Farm road.  It makes its first stop at Total, then GCB Bank, continues to College junction, makes another stop at Malata market, moves on to Asantewaa, Top radio junction, then the Joy FM intersection. From this point, the route makes a left turn towards Adabraka; stopping first at Benz Gate, on the old overhead, Iran Clinic, Methodist Church, Adabraka market, Roxy, Kingsway, then finally to Tudu.

The return trip for the trotro route goes from Okaishie market, to Tudu, Star light, Market, Niagara, Iran Clinic, overhead, to Benz Gate. However at the Joy FM intersection, it turns right to Teledata, through Commando and stops at College junction or last stop.


Accra trotro GPRTU News

All Accra trotro operators to join transport unions

If a government proposal becomes adopted, all trotro operators will be required to affiliate with a transport union or risk penalty. The new regulation is widely regarded as a form of greater state control over the informal transport sector for taxation purposes. Many trotro drivers do not belong to unions because they cruise along the commuter routes and are not bound to a particular terminal where they feel bogged down by administrative and operational encumbrances.

Accra trotro

Trotro operators welcome proposed legalization of motorbike taxis

Trotro transport operators have indicated their contentment with the proposed legitimization of motorbike taxis commonly found in city squares in Accra.

The pledge originates from the opposition NDC political  party’s  manifesto.

The one-passenger bikes facilitate the operations of the trotro drivers in unique ways – they ferry passengers through prdestrian-only passageways to trotro terminals where the patrons board the trotros. The operators are of the opinion that legalization will bring in it’s wake regulation and training which will result in greater safety for other road users.

Motorbike taxis do not pose any meaningful compettion to trotros because they carry one passenger, do not have capacity for cargo (source of income for trotros) and travel short distances.



Accra trotro

Trotro buses resume full boarding capacity

Trotro buses have resumed full boarding capacity.

Seating arrangements were spaced out at the onset of the convid-19 epidemic to help minimize transmission of the virus from passengers.

Its not known what precipitated the resumption of gill seating because the reason for the initial restriction was due to 110 cases in Ghana which the government considered as alarming and thus intervened with the spacing rules. With over 20,000 cases now, it appears paradoxical that the safety rules have been repealed.

Accra trotro Accra Trotro Fares

Trotro fares increase by 15%

Trotro operators have increased their fares by 15%. This increment follows a long standing dispute with state regulators since January 2020.

Under the previous government fares were reviewed upwards  biannually to compensate for cost of fuel,insurance and maintenance of vehicles buy the current administration has substantially ignored this convention: leading to losses by the transport operators.

The trotro owners aren’t satisfied with the new percentage increase because at the onset of covid-19 they reduced boarding capacity in order to observe health rules. The reduction further reduced their earnings.

Trotro drivers in Accra have largely complied with the announced percentage increase but a lot more eagerly await further increment.

Accra Trotro Fares

Trotro operators persist with demands for fare increase

Trotro operators have not backed down with their demands for higher fares in view of lowered passenger capacity.

Since April 3020 when covid-19 measures to seat less people aboard trotro buses were introduced by authorities, operators have complained about reduced earnings and have elaborately complained about outright losses.

In their latest warning,the trotro owners are intent on arbitrarily reviewing fares upwards if the government their pricing partner does not accede to their concerns.

Trotro fare increments are historically in the ten percentiles but in an election year, its very unlikely the government will not want to incur any further unpopularity with  trotro fare increment.




Accra trotro Accra Trotro Stations

New Accra trotro station at Ayigbe town junction

There is a new Accra trotro station at Ayigbe town junction on the Ring Road West, a few meters from Abossey Okai Happy days.

The trotro buses board to Accra Central via Latebiokorshie estate junction, Korle Bu junction, UTC, Agbado, Akoto Lante,Post Office and finally Arena.

The return route is through Tudu, Graphic Road or Latebiokorshie Zongo junction route.

This new trotro station saves time and effort for commuters at Latebiokorshie, Zongo, Abossey Okai and Old Fadama who hitherto had to trek to Kaneshie, about two kilometers away, for boarding.

Accra trotro Accra Trotro Fares

Accra trotro fares may go up in the coming weeks

Accra trotro fares may go up in the coming days as trotro drivers complain about inability to break even.

The drivers mention that current operational costs have been heightened by covid19 reduced seating, exorbitant spare parts and unwillingness of government to adhere to automatic fare increment conventions.

Trotro fare increments are historically 10 to 20 percent but may take effect immediately after announcement.

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Accra trotro drivers to wear masks against covid19

Trotro drivers in Accra will begin to wear masks to help reduce spread of covid19.

The city authorities’ directive is applicable to all drivers on all routes.

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Limited availability of Accra trotro after covid19 confinement

Most Accra trotro buses are not operational though government has eased confinement measures. Several drivers have stayed off the streets in protest against mandatory reduction of passengers without corresponding compensation from the government.

For trotro drivers willing to work, slow return to normalcy is a disincentive because few people are boarding.