Osu to American embassy trotro route

The Osu to the American embassy route boards at Osu Presby School on the Papaye Road and terminates near the parking lot of the American Embassy. The trotro route travels eastwards through Papaye, Oxford Street Mall. Osu Vodafone, Osu Total, Danquah Circle, Prison Service. Morning Star School, GIS roundabout.

Stabus launches trotro service in Accra

Status has launched a luxury minibus trotro service  similar to Aayalolo. The new service which operates in Accra has limited routes and require the commuter to prepay for one route via a subscription app. The buses  are air conditioned, low passenger capacity, user-tracked, timely and do not have conductors. The Continue Reading

Accra trotro drivers defy government on 15% fare increment

Trotro drivers in Accra have variously defied the government’s 15% increment in transport fares. Most have reviewed the charges to 30% increase. The operators argue that they had not been accorded any substantial increase in the year to compensate for rising cost of operations; a situation aggravated by the covid Continue Reading

Digital payment for trotro – the hopes, the impracticality

January, 2018. The Government of Ghana in collaboration with private partners intends to implement digital payments for trotro fares. This idea looks very helpful but may be highly impractical.  Though the country has  a high smart phone penetration it has an unproportional number of users for rural people  and semi Continue Reading