Accra trotro stops

Trotro stops. Abeka Lapaz to Gbawe.

The trotro stops on the Abeka Lapaz Gbawe route are:

Abeka Lapaz
Kata hostel
Hong Kong
Kwashieman Junction
Been To
Water Works
Mallam Junction

Accra trotro stops

Trotro bus stops. Osu to 37 trotro station.

Osu to 37 trotro station bus stops follow a south north east route. The stops on the way are:

Lands Commission [ outbound only ]
Cantonments Post Office
Danquah roundabout
Aquinas secondary school
Police Hospital
Koala [ inbound only ]
Total Oxford Street
SSNIT [ Trust Hospital }
Osu Shell
Presby School Junction

Accra trotro stops

Find trotro stops. Korle Bu to Kasoa.

Korle Bu Kasoa trotro stops make a westward direction from the coast.

Kasoa – Destination
Amanfrom – Settlement near Kasoa
Washing Bay – A neighborhood near Kasoa
Galilea Market –  Commercial point near Kasoa
Galilea – Emerging township
Brigade – Old settlement near Kasoa
Tuba – New township near Kasoa
Broadcasting – Settlement around abandoned media facility
Mile Eleven – Midpoint Kasoa to Korle Bu
Ayigbe Town – Settlement along the way
Bortianor – Coastal community near Weija
Shoprite – Commercial facility near Weija
SCC – Emerging settlement
Weija Barrier – Police facility along the Kasoa highway
Modex – Fuel station along the route
Tetegu – New settlement along the route
Mccarthy Hills – Residential area near Mallam
Mallam Junction – Intersection to Lapaz
Sakaman – Suburb near Dansoman
Odorkor – Neighborhood close to Sakaman
Atico –  Branches off to Darkuman
Mataheko Quarters – Suburb near Latebiorkorshie
Accra Academy – Educational facility
First Light – Commercial facility
Kaneshie First Bridge – Market area
Zongo Junction – Intersection to Zongo
Pipeier Naa – Uphill Zongo junction
Black Smith – Intersection to Latebiorkorshie
Radio Gold – Media facility at Latebiorkorshie
Salvation Army – Close to Agege
Sempe First – Across Korle Bu
Sempe Second – Across Mamprobi intersection
Plaza – Shoping facility
Electricity – near Korle Bu
Awotse Kojo – Guggisberg road
Korle Bu – Origin

Accra trotro stops

Trotro stops. Neoplan station to Tema Harbour

Trotro stops from Neoplan station to Tema Harbour:

Neoplan station
Ashaiman Overhead
Motorway Total
Tema community 9
Tema community 8
Tema community 7
Tema community 4
Tema 10
Tema 20
Tema Harbour

Accra trotro stops

Odorkor to Mallam trotro stops

The Odorkor to Mallam trotro bus stops:

Busia Junction
Odorkor Tipper
Sakaman Junction
Tsabah [ Also Chabah ]
Mallam market